Dell Display Manager Download

Dell Display Manager This package contains the software application that allows users to configure their Dell monitor settings such as Brightness, Contrast, and Preset Modes. This application requires Display Data Channel Command Interface (DDC/CI) to work. Dell monitors support DDC/CI on VGA, DVI, DP, and HDMI inputs. DDC/CI is not supported on a USB connection.

Dell Display Manager Download

Dell Present Manager enhances day-to-day efficiency with detailed administration devices giving you ideal front of display experience, efficient screen monitoring as well as very easy, simple and easy multitasking.

With a boosted Dell Display Manager, the simplicity of gain access to and usability is additionally improved for the individual. IT Supervisors will certainly currently have the ability to manage as well as regulate screens from another location improving overall efficiency.

This is the latest version available for this driver

This is the latest version of this driver for your Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor AW2720HF. Please refer to the Release Date below to determine if this driver is newer than your last version install. To view all drivers for your Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor AW2720HF, go to Drivers & Downloads.

Fixes & Enhancements


Version A00-00, 1.5


Drivers for OS Deployment

Release date

13 Oct 2020



Available formats

File Format: Firmware Images File Name: ddmsetup1986.exe Download Type: HTTP File Size: 1.3 MB Format Description: Download

Compatible Systems

Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor AW2720HFAlienware 55 OLED Monitor AW5520QFDell 24 Monitor: SE2417HGDell C5517HDell C5518QTDell C5519QDell C7017TDell C7520QTDell C8618QTDell E1713SDell E1715SDell E1913Dell E1913SDell E1914HDell E1916HDell E1916HE

Monitor Dell

E1916HLDell E1916HMDell E1916HVDell E1920HDell E2013HDell E2014TDell E2015HvDell E2016Dell E2016HDell E2016HLDell E2016HMDell E2016HVDell E2213Dell E2213HDell E2214HDell E2214HvDell E2215HVDell E2216HDell E2216HVDell E2218HNDell E2219HNDell E2220HDell E2313HDell E2314HDell E2318HDell E2318HNDell E2318HRDell E2318HXDell E2416HDell E2417HDell E2418HNDell E2420HDell E2720HSDell E5515HDell MR2217Dell MR2416Dell P1913Dell P1914SDell P1917SDell P1917SWhDell P2014HDell P2016Dell P2017HDell P2018HDell P2213Dell P2214HDell P2217Dell P2217HDell P2217WhDell P2219HCDell P2314HDell P2314TDell P2317HDell P2317HWhDell P2414HDell P2415QDell P2416DDell P2417HDell P2418DDell P2418HTDell P2418HZDell P2418HZmDell P2419HDell P2419HCDell P2421DDell P2714TDell P2715QDell P2717HDell P2720DDell P2720DCDell P2815QDell P3418HWDell P4317QDell S2216HDell S2216MDell S2218HDell S2218MDell S2240LDell S2240MDell S2240T 21.5 Multi-Touch Monitor with LEDDell S2316HDell S2316MDell S2317HJDell S2317HWIDell S2318H/S2318HXDell S2318HN/S2318NXDell S2318MDell S2319HDell S2319HSDell S2319NXDell S2340LDell S2340MDell S2340TDell S2415HDell S2418H/S2418HXDell S2418HN/S2418NXDell S2419HDell S2419HGFDell S2419HMDell S2419HNDell S2419NXDell S2440LDell S2715HDell S2718DDell S2718H/S2718HXDell S2718HN/S2718NXDell S2719DCDell S2719DMDell S2719HDell S2719HSDell S2719NXDell S2740LDell S2817QDell S3219DDell SE1918HVDell SE2018HLDell SE2018HRDell SE2018HVDell SE2216H/SE2216HMDell SE2216HVDell SE2218HLDell SE2218HVDell SE2219H/SE2219HXDell SE2416HDell SE2416HMDell SE2419H/SE2419HXDell SE2716HDell SE2717HDell SE2719HDell SE2719HRDell SE3218HDell SP2318HDell SP2418HDell U2413Dell U2414HDell U2417HADell U2417HJDell U2417HWIDell U2419HCDell U2419HSDell U2515HDell U2518D/U2518DX/U2518DRDell U2713HDell U2713HMDell U2715HDell U2717DDell U2717DADell U2718QDell U2718QM MonitorDell U2719DCDell U2719DSDell U2913WMDell U2917WDell U3014Dell U3219QDell U3415WDell U3417WDell U4919DWDell UP2414QDell UP2516DDell UP2715KDell UP2716DDell UP2718QDell UP2720QDell UP3017Dell UP3017QDell UP3214QDell UP3216QDell UP3218KDell UZ2215HDell UZ2315HDell UZ2715H

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Operating Systems

Windows 10 64-Bit LTSC 2019 Windows 7, 32-bit Windows 7, 64-bit Windows 8, 32-bit Windows 8, 64-bit Windows 8.1, 32-bit Windows 8.1, 64-bit Windows 10, 32-bit Windows 10, 64-bit Windows 10S 64-bit

Applies to

Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor Alienware 55 OLED Monitor ASSY,BASE,DIS,AW2518HF,ANZ ASSY,BASE,DIS,E1916HM,CCC2 ASSY,BASE,DIS,E2016HM,CCC2 ASSY,BASE,DIS,E2218HN ASSY,BASE,DIS,E2219HN,CCC2 ASSY,BASE,DIS,P1917SWH,EMEA ASSY,BASE,DIS,P2018H ASSY,BASE,DIS,P2217WH,EMEA ASSY,BASE,DIS,P2317HWH,EMEA ASSY,BASE,DIS,P2418D ASSY,BASE,DIS,P4317Q,ANZ ASSY,BASE,DIS,U2518D,APCC ASSY,BASE,DIS,U2717D ASSY,BASE,DIS,U2717DA ASSY,BASE,DIS,U2718Q,APCC ASSY,BASE,DIS,U2718QM,CCC2 ASSY,BASE,DIS,U3415W,KOR ASSY,BASE,DIS,U3417W,EMEA ASSY,BASE,DIS,U3818DW,ANZ ASSY,BASE,DIS,UP2516D,APCC,BIS ASSY,BASE,DIS,UP2716D,APCC,BIS ASSY,BASE,DIS,UP2718Q,APCC ASSY,BASE,DIS,UP3017 ASSY,BASE,DIS,UP3017,ANZ ASSY,BASE,DIS,UP3218K,MEX Dell 32 Curved Gaming Monitor Dell 34 Curved Monitor Dell E1715S Monitor Dell E1914H Monitor Dell E1916He Monitor Dell E1916HL Monitor Dell E1916HV Monitor Dell E1920H Monitor Dell E2014H Monitor Dell E2014T 19.5″ Multi-Touch Monitor with LED Dell E2015HV Monitor Dell E2016 Monitor Dell E2016H Monitor Dell E2016HL Monitor Dell E2016HV Monitor Dell E2020H Monitor Dell E2214H Monitor Dell E2214Hv Monitor Dell E2215HV Monitor Dell E2216H Monitor Dell E2216HV Monitor Dell E2220H Monitor Dell E2314H Monitor Dell E2316H Monitor Dell E2318H Monitor Dell E2318HN Monitor Dell E2318HR Monitor Dell E2318HX Monitor Dell E2414H Monitor Dell E2416H Monitor Dell E2417H Monitor Dell E2418HN Monitor Dell E2420H Monitor Dell E2420HS Monitor Dell E2715H Monitor Dell E2720H Monitor Dell E2720HS Monitor Dell E5515H Monitor Dell MR2217 Monitor Dell P1913 Monitor Dell P1913S Monitor Dell P1914S Monitor Dell P1917S Monitor Dell P2014H Monitor Dell P2016 Monitor Dell P2017H Monitor Dell P2213 Monitor Dell P2214H Monitor Dell P2217 Monitor Dell P2217H Monitor Dell P2219H Monitor Dell P2219HC Monitor Dell P2314T 23″ Multi-Touch Monitor with LED Dell P2317H Monitor Dell P2319H Monitor Dell P2414H Monitor Dell P2415Q Monitor Dell P2416D Monitor Dell P2417H Monitor Dell P2418HZ Monitor Dell P2418HZM Monitor Dell P2418T Monitor Dell P2419H Monitor Dell P2419HC Monitor Dell P2421D Monitor Dell P2421DC Monitor Dell P2714T 27″ Multi-Touch Monitor with LED Dell P2715Q Monitor Dell P2717H Monitor Dell P2719H Monitor Dell P2719HC Monitor Dell P2720D Monitor Dell P2720DC Monitor Dell P2815Q Monitor Dell U2312HM Monitor Dell U2413 Monitor Dell U2414H Monitor Dell U2415 Monitor Dell U2417H Monitor Dell U2417HWI Monitor Dell U2419H Monitor Dell U2419HC Monitor Dell U2515H Monitor Dell U2713H Monitor Dell U2713HM Monitor Dell U2715H Monitor Dell U2719D Monitor Dell U2719DC Monitor Dell U2913WM Monitor Dell U3219Q Monitor Dell U3419W Monitor Dell U4919DW Monitor Dell UP2414Q Monitor Dell UP3214Q Monitor Dell UZ2215H Monitor Dell UZ2315H Monitor Dell UZ2715H Monitor DIS,FPL,19,E1913C,BLK,DAO DIS,FPL,19,E1913SC,BLK,DAO DIS,FPL,22,E2213C,BLK,DAO E1713S Monitor E2013H Monitor E2213H Monitor E2313H Monitor

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Installation instructions

1. DDM is compatible with Windows 32/64-bit Editions, including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
2. Double click on the downloaded DDMsetup file to start DDM installation.
3. In the setup page, you can select whether to create desktop icon, add DDM launch to desktop context menu, run DDM in administrator mode, and enable update notification.
4. After DDM is installed, you can launch DDM immediately. Make sure the video cable is securely connected to the computer and the monitor.
5. Please refer to readme.txt file in the installation directory for more information on the release and DDM usage.
6. To silently deploy DDM, start the setup program with the “/VerySilent” command-line parameter. To install silently to a specific folder, add the parameter “/Dir=FullPathName”.